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Q: My local golf course has recently been updated and/or renovated. Can you update the GPS course map?

A: Visit our Mapping issues will need to be addressed by our GPS software partner, iGolf. Fill out the Mapping Request form found here and email it to

iGolf – Sureshot


Q: My GPS is frozen and none of the buttons work. What should I do?

A: To reset a Sureshot Golf GPS Watch, press and hold all four corner buttons for approximately 7 seconds, or until the screen powers off. Release the buttons, and the watch will reboot.

Q: My GPS keeps shutting off every 15 minutes, how do I disable the auto-off function?

A: Navigate to the settings screen by pressing the “MENU” button. Then use the up or down button to find & then select “SETTINGS.” Go to “AUTO OFF” and press select to confirm. Use the up or down button to highlight and select OFF then press the select button to confirm setting. If the Auto-Off function is enabled, your device will automatically power down after 30 minutes without any button presses.

Q: Why does my GPS device not hold a battery charge like it used to? Can it be replaced?

A: Under the vast majority of circumstances, the batteries used in our GPS devices will provide years of trouble-free use and will not need to be replaced. Although, all rechargeable, lithium ion batteries have degradation, so over time the battery will wear down like you have noted in your email. The batteries in our GPS products are not replaceable.

If you have additional questions, please contact Customer Service

Q: I can't get my GPS to power on. How do I turn my GPS device on and off?

A: It is possible that the battery is extremely depleted. This can happen if this is the first time it is being used in several months or maybe had been sitting on a store shelf for a few months. Plug the GPS into a power source to charge and press the power button on the watch (lower right button). The screen should come up and the unit will resume normal operation.

Q: How do I update my GPS device with the most recent software and course maps?

A: If you have already registered, you will need to log into your account on your mobile app. If an updated is necessary, you will be prompted once you’ve logged on to download.For individual course updates, simply search the course and you will be given the option to update the course on it’s information page.If you run into any issues during the process, please contact our GPS software partner, iGolf, using the information below.

phone: 1-858-880-0267


Q: My GPS watch will not charge.

A: There are two main things that cause the watch not to charge: Because the charging contacts on the watch are against your skin when it is worn, the contacts can get dirty and simply need to be cleaned. This can be done by spraying ammonia based glass cleaner (such as Windex) on to the contacts and then scrubbing with a nylon brush (such as a toothbrush.) Wipe the contacts with a paper towel and the watch should charge. The watch can’t charge while it shows the battery meter, so it needs to be showing its main watch face before it is hooked up to charge. Simply press the ‘Menu’ button repeatedly until the time and date show on the watch, and then reconnect the charging cable.

Q: How do I change my watch or handheld GPS for Daylight Savings Time?

A: Press Menu (lower left button), Settings, Time, Daylight, DST on +1 or DST off -1, Select +1 or -1

Q: What are the iGolf abbreviations for hazards?

A: Hazard abbreviations are defined as the following:

1. LFB- Left Fairway Bunker

2. MFB- Middle Fairway Bunker

3. RFB- Right Fairway Bunker

4. LFW- Left Fairway Water Layup

5. LFWC- Left Fairway Water Carry

6. MFW- Middle Fairway Water Layup

7. MFWC- Middle Fairway Water Carry

8. RFW- Right Fairway Water Layup

9. RFWC- Right Fairway Water Carry

10. FGB- Front Green Bunker

11. RGB- Right Green Bunker

12. LGB- Left Green Bunker

13. BGB- Back Green Bunker

14. RGW- Right Green Water

15. FGWC- Front Green Water Carry

16. FGW- Front Green Water Layup

17. LGW- Left Green Water

18. BGW- Back Green Water

19. CRK- Creek Layup

20. CRKC- Creek Carry

21. EOF- End of Fairway

Q: I forgot my password?

A: contact our GPS software partner, iGolf, using the information below to reset your password.


phone: 1-858-880-0267


Q: How do I update my contact information?

A: Inside the app go to account and your profile page. Click on the EDIT button to update your account information.

Q: My GPS device is displaying "999" or "No Local Courses Found", what does that mean?

A: There are a few reasons a GPS device will display 999. - If the unit is not connect to the GPS satellites - If you are 1000 yards or more from the golf course you have chosen - Your device may need a hard reset. Press & hold all 4 corner buttons at the same time for 7 seconds and then release. The screen will go blank and the reboot process will begin. Doing a hard reset will re-calibrate the internal GPS chip and may allow it to bring up courses again.

Q: Where can I find the courses that have been pre-loaded on my GPS device?

A: While there isn't a comprehensive list of all 30,000+ preloaded courses, you can search available courses at

Q: Will Sureshot repair my device if it is outside of the warranty-period?

A: If you know your unit is outside of the warranty-period, please contact us at or by calling +61 03 8872 6700 PRIOR to sending your device to our repair lab.

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