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Zip Series Rental Fleets

MGI provide the best rental fleet of electric caddies for your golf club. Choosing a MGI electric caddy will show your members a contemporary attitude, backed by a reliable and quality product.

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Designed to fit any cart bag. 


Motorized golf cart Accessories

Complete your round with the ultimate range of game improving accessories and helpful additions to your MGI electric golf push carts. From travels bags and wheel covers for those winter months, to umbrella & drink bottle holders for the scorching summers days, we’ll have everything you need to play your best. Make scoring simple with the Scorecard Holder, and never lose your sand bucket with the Sand Bucket Loop or Bottle. And for those longer rounds, simply attach the Seat for a convenient place to wait while the rest of the group tees off.

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THE #1 motorized electric golf caddy

Designed to conquer the diverse American landscape, the Zip Series Navigator Electric Golf Caddy goes everywhere you do. Instead of lugging your golf bags or pushing a cart around and compromising your golf game – let the Zip Navigator lead you to your best game yet.

Controlled by a fully directional remote, the remote can direct the Zip Navigator left, right, forward and in reverse enabling you to conserve your energy for the game of your unlike other competitor electric golf push carts.

Keep your Navigator at a set distance out of the way whilst you play and summon it at your leisure.

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Best in Class

I purchased (2) – MGI Zip Navigators motorised buggy in 2018. After spending a lot of time over the last year researching the various brands, I finally decided. Most important was the overall quality of the product and the ingenious industrial design elements. In a side by side comparison with all other carts I’ve seen, the MGI buggy clearly stands out above all others. It has proven to be very aesthetically pleasing and extremely user friendly. I would recommend without hesitation. I simply could not be more impressed.

Sean Darcy

Worth 2 Handicap Shots!

I bought the Zip Navigator and what a great decision that was. Now I walk from shot to ball and from shot to green while my remote-control buggy heads over to the next tee. It’s easy to use, copes with a couple of rounds between charges, is light and packs away easily, and looks good too. The service from MGI is second to none, which that means peace of mind.

Gerry Phillips

It WILL Change Your Game

I purchased a Zip Navigator a few weeks ago and it’s amazing! I have carried my golf bag up to this point as I hated having to pull a buggy, but with the Zip buggy it’s like having a professional caddy. It saves me both time and energy and my HCP has dropped as a result of better. I promise it WILL change your game! AND its tiny in the boot of my car.

Curtis Mackenzie

One Happy Customer

I just received the “lug” in the mail and just have to say a big thank you. I have now happily owned 2 MGI Navigator buggies in a row and bought several accessories along the way to compliment them. It is fabulous to see really good customer service applied when I needed a small part that I was missing. Well done!

John Tolmie

I highly recommend

I have been using my MGI Zip Navigator for the last several months. It has proven to be extremely reliable providing excellent performance across a wide range of terrain. It has ample power to climb hills and maintains control while going downhill. Using the remote control is very intuitive and easy to use. The battery packs a lot of power and is very easy to attach and remove. The cart folds and unfolds quickly and easily. For anyone considering purchasing a battery operated bag cart, I highly recommend buying a MGI Zip Navigator. 

James K

I Love it!

My new MGI Zip Navigator electric caddy is one WONDERFUL piece of equipment! I recently upgraded from the MGI Navigator I purchased in 2004. I love the new models sleek and modern design. I am so glad I purchased my MGI Navigator and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys walking without the burden of carrying a bag. I love it!

Ken Schindele

one happy golfer

I am so very happy with my MGI Zip Navigator!  When I finish my round of golf I have enough energy to go to the gym, yeeha! 

Mark, USA

a great purchase

I do enjoy the electric cart. It’s one of the best golf related products I have ever purchased.

Mike, USA

Simply the best

You guys are the best. I love my Electric Caddy!  

Dorsey, USA