The advantages of Lithium stem firstly from the physical lightness weighing only 5.5lbs when compared to a traditional SLA battery at over 22lbs. This lightness is an extreme advantage in and out of the car, round after round.

Not only is the lightness a physical advantage, but the increased power/weight ratio of the entire caddy immediately delivers better power on the course, up the steepest of hills and across the toughest of terrains. The fact is the combined weight of a golf caddy with a Lithium battery is 55% lighter than a caddy with a traditional SLA battery. As less weight is carried around the course, the longevity of the caddy is increased exponentially.

The second most compelling advantage of Lithium is the high energy density delivering a slow loss of charge and most importantly battery longevity. You can expect to see a greater life expectancy than the two years manufacturer’s warranty on both Lithium battery & charger.A Lithium golf caddy battery is an ideal choice for any golfing style. Whether you are a casual golfer who enjoys a few rounds with friends on the weekend, or an amateur looking to challenge their abilities on a rugged course terrain, a lithium golf caddy battery is the lightest, most compact and durable option on the market.

MGI provides two types of Lithium-ion golf caddy batteries. A 36-hole 24V 250Wh battery for the Zip X1, Zip X3 & Zip X5 and a 24V 36 Hole Lithium Battery for the Zip Navigator & Zip Navigator AT.

If you would like any more information on our range of Lithium golf caddy batteries or need help working out which of our Lithium golf caddy batteries is best suited to your cart, please don’t hesitate to contact us. With years of experience and an enduring passion for golf, MGI’s team of professionals strive to help you get the maximum enjoyment out of your game.