Not all remote control caddies are the same

With the addition of the Patented Gyro 'Anti-deviation' Technology, concentrate more on the game and less on direction correcting.

Using patented gyroscopic guiding technology, the MGI Zip Navigator will stay on track irrespective of the terrain. Should the caddy hit a divot or steer off course, the patented anti-deviation technology will automatically correct the direction back on track so you only need to focus on your game. 

The less manual correction means you have the ultimate freedom on the course. Since the gyroscopic technology was patented by MGI in 2001, the technology has evolved from using an electronic compass guiding system, to the more recent addition of gyroscopic technology to keep the caddy on track. This advanced system has taken years to perfect and is extremely smooth in operation. 

The world's only patented gyro technology feature is standard on the MGI Navigator and works automatically when operating the caddy using the remote control. To find out more about the MGI Zip Navigator click here.