Environmental, Social and Governance

Although MGI Golf’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy is in its infancy, we are passionate about being a more sustainable and environmentally friendly business. Our management and staff understand that as a business we need to make meaningful changes and improve efficiencies to reduce our wastage and increase our sustainability.

To us, sustainability is not only about reducing our negative impact on the environment, but also the impact we have on the community and our employees. Our goal is to make meaningful changes that improve our sustainability whilst pursuing our company goals and respecting our values.

A few years ago, we added solar panels to our office and warehouse to help reduce our reliance on purchased energy and are now receiving a feed-in tariff (FIT).

We continuously review our packaging, striving to find ways to reduce our need for plastics and unrecyclable materials, such as polystyrene. As of 2022, we had phased out polystyrene from within our electric golf buggies, whilst still being able to protect the product in transit, so our customers receive the pristine product. Our products and smaller cartons used to be wrapped in plastic, which we have since removed. When products are packaged, we make full use of old cardboard boxes, which are put through a recycling machine to be used as internal stuffing, as a result protecting your product and the environment.

Our batteries are responsibly disposed of through a paid disposal service. We recycle all paper goods from our warehouse in a separate recycling bin which is emptied fortnightly.

We have several policies aimed at reducing waste, including prohibiting printing unless absolutely necessary. Rather than attaching paper pick tickets or invoices to our products, we now email them to our customers. Additionally, the kitchens and warehouses of our offices are equipped with recycling bins to encourage the sustainable disposal of rubbish.

We understand the importance of protecting our company and customers’ data. As part of its partnership with an IT company, MGI is dedicated to ensuring the security and safety of data, improving processes, and finding more efficient ways to operate.

Although MGI has been operating for over 30 years, we understand the ever-changing world we live in and the need to be open and encouraging wherever we can to improving not only our products but also best practices throughout our business.

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