Vital Tips for Golfing as We Age

Vital Tips for Golfing as We Age

Growing older isn’t all bad, with age comes come better golfing knowledge and more experience in the game – on the flip side though, ageing often leads to a reduction in physical strength, flexibility, and endurance. While this can be frustrating, there are some modifications ageing golfers can make both physically and with their equipment so that there is no reason they can't continue to enjoy and play the game they love to the best of their ability. At MGI, our desire continues to be "we want you to always play your best game" and we believe our electric golf caddies can help golfers of any age do just that. Here are some of our vital tips that may help if your age is starting to take its toll on your game.

Strengthen Your Golf Grip

Slightly changing your grip will give you a few extra meters. By ensuring your grip is slightly larger to grip on to, it will cause your hands to rotate upon impact causing a slight draw. This will add those all-important extra meters which could be the difference between landing in a bunker or hitting the green.

Shift Your Focus

While you may not be able to hit the ball as long as you used to, there are things you can work on and even improve to a higher standard than it was in your younger years. One such thing is your short game. A lot of practice on putting, chip shots, pitch shots and greenside bunker shots (all low impact) will knock strokes off your game.

Warm Up Properly 

Warming up should be a compulsory part of every golfer’s routine regardless of age, as they are vital in preparing your body for the exertion to come. A warm up will also help to keep your physical abilities honed and prevent injuries whilst out on the course. A brisk walk to elevate the heart rate, as well as hitting some shots in the practice area (working up from chipping to woods) is all it takes. Stretching some of the common problem areas for seniors including the neck, shoulders, ankles, hips and back is also a good idea. Incorporating all of these will not only loosen you up well for your game, but assist in reducing swelling and aches post game too.

Adapt Your Golfing Posture

A rounded upper back, general wear and tear on your spine as well as carrying some extra weight on weaker muscles can all have an adverse effect on your game. If you are very stiff and have poor hip flexibility you're probably swaying in your backswing which will result in a significant loss of distance, control and consistency. To assist with your posture, you should point your front foot out a little in your stance, and it is important to note that "less is more" - the backswing is far less important than the follow through, so a more consistent controlled backswing with a balanced, stronger follow through will give you far more power, distance and control. This is also aided by placing the ball slightly back of centre in your stance.

Modify or Update Your Equipment

Younger folk can always seem to adjust to length of the clubs that are placed before them, however, as we get older, it has never been more important to have your clubs professionally measured and tailored to fit your height. This will ensure you're standing over the ball comfortably and correctly each and every time. 

In addition to this, now is a great time to consider switching those long irons out for hybrid golf clubs. Long irons are notoriously known to be swung hard and are therefore hard on the body. Hybrids are much easier to swing, and they have so many uses. They can be played out of the semi-rough, for chipping and even for long bunker shots.

One of the best equipment upgrades you can make is to invest in an electric golf cart. At MGI, we are always looking to improve the game of golf for all ages, and our electric golf carts are especially helpful for the aging golfer. They are lightweight, easy to transport and store in the car or garage, and will save you energy on the golf course so that you can continue to always play your best game. Shop our range online now or contact us for more information. 

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