Winter Golfing – The Best Places to Play and Tips to Help You During Winter

Winter Golfing – The Best Places to Play and Tips to Help You During Winter

There is a lot of variety when it comes to winter golf. When it comes to the coldest parts of the country some courses are unfortunately forced to close for the winter. This is to avoid irreparable damage to the fairways and greens, and some courses are simply snowed out. During winter a number of courses, depending on the weather, will place restrictions on player access and movement, but be assured that if the course is open, an MGI electric golf carts is ready to be by your side all winter long. Below are a few things to note about winter golf, and the best courses that you can play.

Traffic Control Is Extremely Important During Winter

Throughout winter grass grows far more slowly than it does at any other time of the year, if it even grows at all. Therefore, any damage done by divots, ball marks, shoe spikes and carts can wear the grass down to nothing and have a long-lasting impact on the course. Thankfully MGI electric golf caddies glide along any surface causing no damage at all. Usually during winter, the course superintendent will redirect golf carts, buggies and golfer traffic on a regular basis. Carts will be restricted to cart paths, but all-terrain golf caddies will be able to follow you around the entire golf course unimpeded.

Putting Greens May Need to Be Closed

The protection of putting greens during winter is of utmost importance. Courses in cold climates may choose to cover their greens until spring to protect them from sub zero winters. Depending on the type of grass, courses with Bermuda for example, will only periodically cover their greens during winter no matter how cold the climate becomes as they're a more durable type of grass. Some courses make temporary greens all winter. This won’t affect your MGI motorized golf caddy as you can't generally take them on to a green anyhow.

The Best Courses to Play

Rain, melting snow, and thawing soil can leave a golf course wet and soft during winter and spring. Whilst dormant surfaces can provide great playability their natural appearance isn't always appreciated. Some courses address this by over-seeding with grasses that continue to grow in winter. Most courses take many steps to ensure that we can continue to play the game we love all year round, by doing things as mentioned above, and improving drainage as well. If you live in a region with a cold, wet winter climate, you need to have realistic expectations for your winter rounds. The best courses to play in winter:

  • Are located in areas which have a lower than average rainfall in winter, above average sunlight, above average temperatures and no snow.
  • Have excellent drainage and the right type of grass that can stand up to rain and frost. 
  • Have a smart superintendent who can manage the course according to the conditions.

An MGI Electric Golf Caddy is the Perfect Winter Accessory

Our renowned MGI Zip Navigator with its full directional remote control and gyroscopic straight tracker technology allows you to navigate across any terrain with ease, including soggy, snowy, and frosty fairways. They come with a wide range of practical features, will not damage any golf courses, and provide ample storage for your wet weather gear. Let our electric caddies make golf a pleasure in any season – purchase yours online now. 

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