5 Tips for Wet Weather Golf

5 Tips for Wet Weather Golf

Let’s face it, golf is a passion, and a somewhat frustrating passion at times. For most of us, we would almost consider playing in the middle of a hurricane if it meant we could play that one sweet shot that we saw our heroes play on television, or sink that four-foot putt that misses almost every other time you play. While playing in the wet isn't everyone’s idea of a great day out on the course, playing in inclement conditions doesn't have to be a bad experience, in fact, with the right preparation you can still play an enjoyable round of golf. Here are five tips to assist you play your best even when the weather is less than ideal.

Invest in Quality Apparel and Equipment

To begin with, an all-weather golf bag such as the MGI DRI-PLAY Golf Bag is an essential purchase. Bags like these are waterproof on the outer, with seam-sealed zippers which keeps everything dry on the inside. There are 9 zipper pockets for storage, so everything stays dry and clean during your round. It also has an internal full length umbrella sleeve and a waterproof rain cover for any conditions.

With your bag covered, and equipment protected, you need to protect yourself. High quality waterproof pants and jackets are highly recommended, and the latest golf designs have materials that are water repellent synthetic materials which are both lightweight and comfortable. They are designed to make you feel like you're wearing nothing over the top of your mid-layer so there is no restriction on your swing at all. Jackets of better quality also have ventilation gaps to increase breathability and maintain a consistent temperature.   

Carry Additional Accessories

While the golf bags and umbrellas can protect your handle and hands from getting wet, at some stage the handle and your hands will be exposed to the rain, this could be removing the club from the bag, and during your practice swing. A wet grip, and wet hands means you lose all control of your swing and will lead to a very long game of golf. It is highly recommended you carry multiple towels for your round. One to dry your hands, one to dry your clubs, one to clean your clubs and balls, and one to keep yourself dry. You should also consider carrying additional gloves and change them every few holes as well.

Think About Your Setup and Swing

Keep things simple and place a focus on your footing and swing tempo. With a wet surface you're more prone to slip under foot as well as within your grip. A slower swing speed will not only ensure you keep control of your footing, it'll help control your grip. This, in addition, will take natural spin off the ball and negate some of the distance lost with a slower swing speed so you should consider selecting an extra club during these times. Instead of a 7 iron, try hitting a softer 6 iron.

With your tee set up, tee the ball forward in your stance for more loft and flight. Drives won't carry as far, and sometimes won't even roll once they hit the ground depending on how wet it is. The longer the ball is in the air, the better.

It's All in The Mind

While golf can be a mentally challenging game, wet weather can add another dimension to this. You can't control the weather, you can't control the rain, but how you prepare and respond is something you can control. If you learn to accept the conditions, and realize that everyone out there playing is in the same boat as you and playing under the exact same conditions as you, then sometimes the most positive attitude can lower a few strokes off your score and even mean the difference between winning and losing a club competition. Golf is a game of attrition, if you have a bad shot, or a bad hole, brush it off and keep thinking about more opportunities on the next shot and next hole.

Adjust Your Short Game

While previously mentioned, the long game is most affected by wet weather, your short game will require some adjustments too. For approach shots to the green, it’s a good idea to select an extra club, as you'll be more likely get more backspin than usual. Be more aggressive when around the green while chipping as sometimes you may not get any run at all. Wet greens are a time you can be really aggressive with your chips. On the greens, wet greens break less, so you can afford to aim your putts more directly at the hole and putt more aggressively. A firmer, straighter putt is a huge advantage of playing golf in the wet.

Play Your Best in Wet with MGI Golf Inc

Your best friend in the wet is the MGI DRI-PLAY Golf Bag, and to get your clubs around soggy fairways you need MGI's renowned remote control golf caddy, the MGI Zip Navigator. We design innovative products and accessories for the golfing enthusiast, we want to see you to play your best game ever! Shop our range online now.

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