The Evolution of the Electric Golf Cart

The Evolution of the Electric Golf Cart

Over the years, many products in the game of golf have been developed and have evolved to help all golfers hit their best shot. One such item that has caught a lot of people by surprise has been the rapid improvements in electric golf caddies. With advancements in technology, these carts have certainly evolved in a bigger way this century than almost any other aspect of the game of golf...and for the better too!

90’s & the Early 2000's

Back in the early 2000's we saw our older generation favouring the use of electric caddies, with younger golfers opting for a lightweight golf bag to carry their clubs on their shoulders, like a backpack. Electric carts at this time were a little impractical. They were extremely heavy, and most couldn’t fold away. In fact, most people had to leave their personal carts at their private courses on charge, in private charging rooms, if they were lucky enough to find a power station. The batteries were large and heavy and as time went on, they became less and less reliable often leaving golfers stranded on the course. The only movements were forward and backward, and you had to do this with a hand control on the cart’s handle. There were no speed controls and none of the luxurious features we see on today’s electric caddies.

Moving Through the Decades

In the late 2010's we saw a big change in many aspects of golf. Not only were drivers becoming larger, but bigger golf bags also become popular once again. People began to realise that pulling a cart around, which carries around 15kgs of clubs and accessories, does take a physical and mental toll. Golfers began to look for lightweight, portable carts to make their total lugging weight as light as possible. This led to a rise in smaller, foldable, electric golf caddies with more durable batteries. Additionally, the perception that electric golf carts were "only for older people" was certainly becoming a thing of the past with more and more younger golfers buying the latest electric golf carts on the market.


Over the last few years, the electric golf caddy has really progressed into a must-have accessory for every avid golfer. With incredible wheel quality, independent front wheels, the introduction of a remote control as well as downhill speed control, MGI’s modern electric carts can go just about anywhere. Significant improvement in battery life, having a patented gyroscope for balance as well as a fully foldable frame has the popularity of electric carts soar!

The sky really is the limit with science and technology, so the future of electric golf carts really is exciting - there’s no doubt they will continue to evolve and include more features than ever thought possible. There have been many advances in technology in golf and there will continue to be well into the future, if you want to stay ahead of the game, Shop MGI’s range online today.

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