Celebrity Golfers Who Might Surprise You

Celebrity Golfers Who Might Surprise You

Golf is a challenging, fun, and social sport that can be enjoyed by almost anyone. With a multitude of stunning courses scattered across the globe, it’s not surprising that many of the world’s rich and famous regularly pick up a club. What might be surprising though is just how talented many celebrities actually are! If you have ever watched events such as the Pebble Beach Pro-Am or American Century Celebrity Golf Championship, you may have seen a few of them in action, and if you haven’t, then below is a list of some famous personalities who are also superstars on the course.

Tony Romo - Handicap +1.6

A 14-season NFL veteran with the Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo holds several impressive records for the Cowboys including, passing touchdowns, passing yards, most games with 300+ yards passing and games with 3 or more touchdown passes. Being a quarterback, he has quite a large physique, and is well known on the Pro-Am and celebrity tour for his long and powerful hits. Romo has golf handicap of +1.6 (meaning he averages 1.6 under par every round!).

Stephen Curry - Handicap +2.2

Just as impressive and currently not on any of the celebrity tours as he is still lighting up the basketball court, is Golden State Warrior's very own Stephen Curry. While being known for draining 3 pointers from everywhere and setting NBA season records for 3 pointers made, Curry boasts a handicap of an astonishing +2.2 - it appears he can sink putts from everywhere just as easily too!

John Smoltz - Handicap +2.7

Another sportsperson, but this time, perhaps one you may expect could transition from one sport to another (baseball to golf), John Smoltz is actually an MLB 55-year-old pitching hall of famer who actively plays in celebrity tournaments. He played 22 seasons of baseball and retired in 2009 and is currently playing some amazing golf that would be competitive on the seniors’ professional tour.

Ash Barty – Handicap 4

Australia’s darling of the tennis court, Ash Barty may be the world’s best female tennis player, but she is also a wiz with the clubs. Born into a golfing family and engaged to up-and-coming pro golfer Garry Kissick, Barty has lowered her handicap to just 4, and there’s a rumour going around that she may even join the pro tour now she has announced her early retirement from tennis…

Now let’s have a look at some celebrities that aren't from a sporting background.

Kenny G - Handicap 1.6

At 65 years old, professional saxophonist Kenny G has been releasing some of the highest rated albums since the 70’s. With Grammys, AMAs, and a swag of prestigious accolades to his name, Kenny G is one of the biggest selling musicians of all time with over 75 million records sold. It is amazing that he found the time to play any golf during his illustrious music career, but he is a passionate golfer with a handicap of an incredible 1.6.

Alice Cooper - Handicap 5

A feel-good story and one that really would surprise some people. 74-year-old rock legend Alice Cooper still plays off a handicap of 5. Alice Cooper actually thanks the game of golf for saving his life and helping him getting rid of his bad addictions and finally finding a good one. A book he wrote called "Golf Monster" details how the game of golf helped him with his sobriety after decades of addiction.

Justin Timberlake – Handicap 4.3

There’s not much this talented singer, dancer and actor can’t do! With a natural talent for golf, 10-time Grammy winner JT is a passionate golfer who can often be spotted having a round at some of the best golf courses in the country.

Jessica Alba – Handicap 22

Inspiring young females all over the world, award-winning actress Jessica Alba is a huge fan of golf and has participated in a few celebrity tournaments including the Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am. Learning the game at a young age from her father, Jessica plays regularly and is keen on lowering her handicap even further in the coming years.

Most golfers will understand that some people are naturally gifted at the game, while others need to work hard to hone their skills. A great way to stay active and be social, golf is different is a unique sport that can be played by people of all ages, genders, and abilities. If you are a keen golfer looking to enhance your game or lower your handicap, an electric golf cart from MGI is the answer – let the cart manoeuvre your clubs around the course so you can focus on your next shot. Find out more today.

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