5 Reasons You Should Play Golf

5 Reasons You Should Play Golf

At MGI, we love our Golf, and we know by allocating time for it within our busy schedule we can get the best out of not just our body, but also our lifestyle. With that, here are the top 5 reasons we think why people should be playing golf:

  1. Getting Outdoors

Getting fresh air and sunshine seems like a luxury after the last two years. In fact, averaging just a few minutes of sunshine each day (5 to 10 minutes) can be enough to receive sufficient Vitamin D levels and lead to health benefits such as stronger bones, improved sleep, reduced stress, and an overall better immune system.

  1. Social Play

Golf has become a popular activity allowing social interaction with friends and colleagues out walking the terrain of the golf course. From friendly competition to progressing your handicap and providing deeper conversations with friends, Golf allows for an open environment to maintain many forms of social connection.

  1. Travel

By adding Golf into your lifestyle, it opens the doors to exploring new courses and holiday destinations all providing their own unique experiences. Golf is everywhere and courses can range from the coastline of California to the deserts of Arizona and the pine forests of Georgia.

  1. Physical Health

Seen as one of the most important reasons to be playing golf is to improve the health of the player, which can be simply achieved by walking the course to help increase your steps per day. Experts say achieving a daily total of 10k steps can help decrease ones resting heart rate, and reduces the risk of heart attacks, strokes and even diabetes. Playing 18 holes regularly will easily help exceed the required number of steps and help you achieve your desired health goals.

  1. Mental Health

By improving the performance of the heart and blood physically, the body will react to help the mind in turn, by reducing the risk of depression and dementia in the long term, as well as increasing the players focus and awareness through competition by walking the course.

To achieve most of these benefits it is suggested to walk the course, as you will always get the most out of your round and get the best feel for your environment and surroundings when planning to take your next shot. You can make your walk out on the course that much easier and achieve the best results physically and mentally with an MGI Zip Series electric golf cart. The power of a full directional remote control electric caddy relieves the incoming stress upon hitting the perfect shot by freeing the golfer from constantly pushing or dragging their clubs. With the MGI Zip Navigator you can walk freely with the control of the electric golf caddy in the palm of your hand.

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