Golf Handicaps Explained

Golf Handicaps Explained

So, you have been playing golf socially for a while now. You are enjoying the freedom of walking the course outdoors whilst maintaining friendly conversation with your friends. But something is missing. Something to take your game to the next level. And no, we are not talking about the MGI Zip Navigator remote controlled electric golf caddy, though we strongly recommend you experience the convenience of one ASAP!

We are talking about a way to turn your friendly social outing into some seriously fun competition. A golf handicap.

A golf handicap allows for fair play between two players with different levels of experience, by proving golfers a numerical value based on their ability and skill. This numerical value is calculated initially on one’s performance across several 18-hole rounds. In Australia it’s 3, in other countries it’s 8, and for the USGA, it’s 20. This will provide a value which will act to reduce (or increase) the total stroke score calculated during an 18-hole round. The handicap aims to help golfers achieve a courses Par score regardless of skill, providing fairness in competition but also an avenue for improvement in golf.

The maximum handicap for most golfing bodies across the world is a handicap of 54, with no minimum, therefore there is a large area for improvement and further potential for competition.

To start your road to improvement in the sport of golf, you can obtain an official handicap through your local course, club, or an approved handicap source. Another great way to improve your golf game as you play more often to achieve a handicap is to invest in an MGI electric caddy to act as your own personal golf caddie, whenever and wherever you play your next round of golf.

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