Which MGI Electric Caddy is best for my course?

Which MGI Electric Caddy is best for my course?

When it comes to taking on the golf course, many natural elements help deter even the best golfer from competing and showcasing their peak performance. For many, learning to play in various weather conditions can present hurdles to test even the most skilled player. But for the majority of golfers, preparing for the course’s slope and terrain is the challenge, whether that’s long wide fairways down the coast or the rugged incline of dense hills. To prepare for your round it is best to have the right equipment that can handle any variation in incline and terrain. An MGI Zip Series Electric Golf Caddy will ease the stress of any golfer and allow you to perform at your very best. But before knowing which MGI Electric Caddy is best for you, it’s important to know which courses each caddy can handle.

Flat courses (little to no incline):

Flat, well-manicured golf courses with gently sloping fairways often present less hurdles for the average golfer to face, with limited incline and forgiving rough. Flat courses would encourage golfers of any level to test their abilities with the stretching length of the fairways with open exposure to wind presenting the biggest challenges. When facing these courses, we recommend the convenience of the MGI Zip X1, our most affordable model in the Zip Series range, perfect for pushcart golfers looking to get into the electric caddy market at an affordable price. Presenting the essential features of a pushcart with a whisper quiet 230w motor, the MGI Zip X1 is deal for any golfer wanting to walk the course without complex technology distracting them from their game. The MGI Zip X1 is also designed with a fixed front wheel, which makes steering the caddy easier and prevents the caddy from veering off course with changes in terrain.

Moderate courses (little to moderate incline):

Moderately sloped golf courses present fairways with modest incline and increasingly harsh rough and terrain. These courses provide a higher level of difficulty to the golfer increasing the energy expenditure of the golfer. To tackle increased physical output, we recommend the MGI Zip X3 electric caddy. The MGI Zip X3 is perfect for golfers looking to upgrade in the electric caddy market but don’t require remote control capabilities and a larger battery. The MGI Zip X3 features controlled distance functions, an odometer and swivelling front wheel to provide golfers for flexibility of movement and control out on the course across variations in golf terrain in comparison to the MGI Zip X1. Also featuring a whisper quiet 230w motor and the click and go battery system from the previous model, the MGI Zip X3 is built for moderately slopped courses.

Hilly and rugged courses (moderate to large incline)

Hilly, rugged golf courses with sloping fairways and harsh rough provide a higher level of difficulty to even the most skilled players. Notable features of such courses include an increasing slope from the tee to the green, or vice versa. To take on these difficult courses, we recommend the MGI Zip X5 electric caddy with the ingenious advantage of Downhill Speed Control and an electronic park brake to stop the caddy on any slope with ease at the press of a button, the MGI Zip X5 makes getting around hilly courses a breeze. Upgrading on the MGI Zip X5, the MGI Zip Navigator builds upon these features further to keep you in the game. The MGI Zip Navigator is the flagship model electric golf caddy in the Zip Series range and is designed for any course conditions with the help of a full directional remote control. The MGI Zip Navigator is perfect for any golfer looking to take their game to the next level, whether that’s upgrading from a pushcart or choosing to take the healthier approach to navigating the course over a ride-on electric cart.

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