Technology in Golf

Technology in Golf

Over the years many products on the course have tested the limits of legality within the rules of golf. Developers are continually trying to come up with innovative new products that every golfer wants, and is willing to pay for and while some have made the cut, others have been deemed outside of the rules. At MGI USA, we are leaders in golfing technology and we are dedicated to designing exciting new technology-based products that can improve anyone’s golf game. In recent years there has been some remarkable advances in technology in golf, here’s three areas to look at:

The Clubs

Over the last 15 years or so, golf clubs have changed more than anything with the exception of computerized technology which we will discuss too.

Drivers - The head of the driver is now built with aerodynamics in mind. New technology in this area results in less wind resistance and more club head speed. The components that make up the club head are lighter and stronger than even just two to three years ago. Today the average driver is 50 grams lighter than previous generations and this, along with much bigger club heads and a more forgiving surface, results in far more distance for even the most average golfer.

Irons - While the size of the irons have remained relatively similar over the last few decades, they are now made with a surface that is far more forgiving. Therefore, even missing the middle of the iron means you can still get good distance.

Hybrids - Many golfers find it difficult to hit fairway woods or long irons. The mechanics of hitting these consistently from an uneven lie can cause trouble for any amateur golfer. This is why many have turned to hybrid golf clubs. Hybrids have a greater launch capacity that helps the golfer get the ball in the air more easily, they are more forgiving for less than perfect swings.

Putters - Modern technology has made for better balanced putters. More and more people are choosing a mallet type putter as they offer more forgiveness in the putting stroke.


While we have come a long way from the 14th century wooden golf ball, many amateur and serious golfers consider their golf balls just as important as their clubs and will religiously use the same type until a better one comes along. One-piece golf balls are simple hard golf balls for beginners, they tend to fly straight, but lack any real distance. As your skill level improves from beginner to professional (who use 5-piece golf balls) you'll find the right one for your game - often a mixture of the right feel for distance, and softness to land on greens. You may also change ball types depending on the course and the season. There really is a ball for anyone and everyone these days, and new ones promising more distance, and better feel are being released every other month.

Modern/Computerized Technology

This is where things have really developed over the last decade, and it’s only going to keep on getting bigger and better.

Golf Range Finders - Like the Sureshot PINLOC 6000iPSM laser rangefinder from MGI. Rangefinders give golfers peace of mind. There may be a marker sitting in the middle of a fairway telling a golfer they are 150 metres/yards from the hole, but if the golfer isn't next to that marker, they need something else. A rangefinder is a monocular device that uses infrared laser technology to find out exactly how far away from the hole you are. With the distance a certainty, it's up to the golfer to hit the ball properly.

Motorised Golf Caddies - Gone are the days of dragging a heavy bag around the course for 18 holes! The MGI Zip Navigator electric caddy are an ideal example of advances in golfing technology. Fully directional remote-controlled caddies that allow you to walk freely and conserve your energy are now a must on the course for professional and amateurs alike. This lets you conserve your energy so you can hit your best shot every time.

There have been many advances in technology in golf and with innovations in materials and computerisation, the sky is the limit. At MGI Golf Inc, we want you to always play your best game and that’s why we are at the forefront of golf industry technology, bringing the latest in golfing advancements to everyday golfers. Shop our products online now and experience the difference they can make to your game.

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