Zip Series Electric Caddies, ideal for cart bags

Zip Series Electric Caddies, ideal for cart bags

Zip Series Electric Caddies are ideal for any cart bag. The adjustable ergonomic T-bar handle and top bag support means a player of any height and any cart bag style can arrange the angle and height of the Zip Series model to suit their preferences. To secure the bag base to your Zip Series model, simply slide the durable elastic strap over the foot of your bag and the two arms connected to the elastic strap will tighten around the bags base.

If you have a stand or carry bag that you would like to use on a Zip Series model, we recommend detaching the bags fold-out legs and base plate (if possible) to better fit the bag onto the caddy. If you cannot detach the legs, try turning your bag 90º and placing it on the caddy so the base plate does not catch the Zip Series models bottom bag support.

MGI also offers a Small/Stand Bag Adaptor Bundle which is designed to allow for all bag types to fit our Zip X3, X5, and Zip Navigator electric caddies.

The MGI Small/Stand Bag Adaptor Bundle includes:

1 x Lower bag support block

1 x Shorter lower bag strap

If your current bag doesn't suit your Zip Series model and you're looking to upgrade your gear, the MGI Lite-Play & Dri-Play cart bags featuring BAGLINK© technology will be available late 2020. These new bags will come in a waterproof and ultralight design and will match the colours of your Zip Series model perfectly. 

Our brand new BAGLINK© technology will mean that your MGI golf bag will never move, twist or turn on the course, thanks to our fitted bag base that securely locks into the caddies bottom bag support.

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