Please be aware that water damaged MGI batteries and MGI electric golf  caddies of any kind cannot be reused and should not be operated.

Flood damage of any kind, whether the unit is fully or only partially submerged cannot be used and should not be operated, even if you have attempted to dry it and appears to be dry. 

Residual water and debris will remain in the small ports, electrical connections and motor housings causing irreparable damage to those components and further damage to potentially undamaged parts of your unit that may be salvageable. 

Before attempting to operate a water damaged battery or caddy, please contact MGI directly for immediate expert advice on whether the motorised caddy can be refurbished, and how to correctly dispose of your SLA or lithium-ion battery and how to order a new one suitable for your model. 

Please always follow local council guidelines in your area for how to properly dispose of batteries and electrical components.

For further help, please contact MGI Customer Service.

Thanks, MGI.

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