Fastest Rangefinder on the Market

Fastest Rangefinder on the Market

Every golfer is searching for the new big thing that’s going to take their performance on the course to the next level. Golf today, like life, is full of technology leading the way we approach and conquer tasks. It’s been a long time since players had to use landmarks or ‘guesstimate’ yardages, but the range of available golf tech continues to improve and evolve. Golf has become more precise and strategic than ever before, thanks not only to the capability to digitally measure distances, but also our ability to see holes from a bird’s-eye view utilizing GPS technology.

Enter Sureshot. Acquired by MGI in 2007 and originally manufactured in the UK, production was then transferred to Australia with MGI products. Ever since, Sureshot has been driven by continuous innovation and dedicated to bringing golfers the latest in technology and design. Our products are developed by a team of engineers and international sales professionals to meet the challenge of measuring distances to the hazards and green from anywhere on the golf course, without having to look for physical markers. Providing you with game-changing innovations that improve the way golf is played is our promise. Transform how you play and know the distance with Sureshot. 

Recently, an unbiased consumer-focused review platform employed a thorough and “fully independent testing process that leaves no feature unexplored, no display unchecked and no stone unturned” involving the Sureshot PINLOC 5000iPS laser rangefinder and 25 of its global competitors.

According to the review, if you have no time for BS “get the fastest rangefinder on the market. The Sureshot PINLOC 5000iPS laser quickly locks on to your target. The highly ranked accuracy, optics and display features allow you to get a clear picture of what obstacle you need to overcome. This one is worth your consideration.” After the review, the Sureshot PINLOC 5000iPS laser polled 6th overall based on its accuracy, optics, speed, display and additional features. 

If you’d like to find out more about Sureshot lasers or GPS devices, click here.

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