The Benefits of Using a Remote Control Golf Caddy

The Benefits of Using a Remote Control Golf Caddy

Any keen golfer who watches the professionals play can only wish that they had their own caddy to carry their bag around the golf course. Unfortunately, for most golfers, it is just a dream. By the end of their round of golf, their arms, back and shoulders are tired and sore from dragging their bag, clubs and all their belongings around undulating fairways for 18 holes. There is however, the next best thing to having a personal caddy whisk your clubs around the course and that is a remote control golf cart. There are many physical and mental benefits of having your very own electric golf trolley, read on to find out just a few of them.

Fatigue Reduction

Even the fittest golfer starts to feel the strain of dragging their own clubs on the back nine. Swinging a golf club requires a lot of energy and does engage a lot of your core muscles. Adding to this, a standard golf bag filled with clubs and accessories can weigh up to 15kg, so it will come as no surprise that all golfers feel their energy levels and even their swing depleting towards the last few holes. Studies have shown that by using a remote control golf caddy you will use approximately 30% less energy, so by the time you are reaching the final stretch of your round you will still feel like you've barely warmed up.

Lowering Strain On Your Body

Golf courses aren't flat, it’s a well-known fact that they have rolling fairways. Even the walk from the green to the next tee can be quite a difficult journey in itself. It can often feel like you're playing tug-of-war with your golf bag as you are trying to navigate your way around the gold course, and as you walk down a hill you can feel the added strain and tension on your arms, back and knees. A remote control golf caddy eliminates unnecessary strain on your body, allowing you to play better, for longer and ultimately optimize your performance.

Extra Storage Space and Accessories

Whether you're lugging a large bag around over your shoulder or even using a manual cart, quite often it’s necessary to make some sacrifices to keep the weight down. That may be leaving a few clubs out of your bag, leaving behind hydrating refreshments or even some waterproof clothes that can take up space. With the best remote control golf caddy all you need to do is steer it, so a few extra kilograms in the bag makes no difference. From all of your clubs, to drinks, snacks and the clothing items you need for an enjoyable round, you can put everything in your bag without worrying about storage or weight - all you have to do is focus on your next shot.

Spend More Time On the Course

The best remote control caddy does all the work for you, so you will be less fatigued and need less time to recover so you can play golf much more often. Whether you choose to play day after day, a few times a week or even twice a day, the lithium battery allows you to keep going past the 18th and play an extra 9 if you're keen.

More Concentration On Your Game

Golf is a game of concentration and an electric golf caddy can significantly improve your round from a psychological point. There is no more worrying about dragging your buggy around the steep inclines or the fatigue you usually experience in your arms and shoulders mid to late round. You can relax knowing that your body won’t let you down and you can play with confidence to produce your best score yet.

Choose MGI for the Best Remote Golf Caddy

MGI has revolutionised the concept of remote control golf caddies, and has established a formidable reputation built on experience, innovation and quality of design. Using a full directional remote control, you can roam free and navigate any terrain with ease. The only thing separating you from a professional golfer is that you don't need to pay someone to carry your bag – let our caddy do all of the work for you. Find out more or purchase yours online today.

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