Exciting Golf Trends for 2022

Exciting Golf Trends for 2022

While the golf industry has certainly been affected by the current pandemic, it does not mean to say that the industry is down and out like many others. In fact, as golf is an outdoor sport where it’s easy to maintain social distancing, so golfers have been able to keep playing when many other others avid sportspeople have not. That said, many things have changed in the past two years, and now more so than ever, technology is playing a big part in our lives. In the coming year, digital technologies are expected to play an increasingly larger role in all aspects of the golf industry. Let’s take a look at some innovations expected to explode next year as well as a few other trends that are set to make the game of golf more popular than ever.

Golfing Technology

Technology is reshaping the world, and golf is not missing out. There’s some exciting digital devices which enable golfers of all abilities the opportunity to improve their game. From GPS systems to measure distance and devices which can analyse and improve your swing, to a remote control golf bag that navigates the course with ease, there is no shortage of technology-based gear that will enhance your game in 2022.

One of the biggest and most exiting innovations is the remote control golf caddy. These self-driving push carts have been around for a few years now, but it is predicted that we will see more and more of these in 2022, especially with the current surge in the promotion of health and wellbeing. MGI’s range of high performance remote controlled carts loaded with exceptional features reduce fatigue and take the strain off a golfer’s back and shoulders. With a long-lasting lithium battery, golfers of all ages and abilities can take to the course with the peace of mind that their body will not be under any unnecessary pressure or tension.

Shorter Events and Courses

A noticeable trend that is set to rise in popularity next year is a move to shorter events, playing only 9 holes instead of a full round. Many golfers, especially new-comers who have taken up the sport during the pandemic, are being drawn to shorter courses and the opportunity to play fewer holes because of work and family requirements. It is predicted that more 6 and 9 hole courses will be established to encourage a broader appeal to new segments of the population.

A Demographic Shift

While golf has long been associated with middle-aged men and older crowds, in the coming years the golfing community is set to be flooded with millennials, juniors and females of all ages. Not only is golf a low-impact activity that is excellent for physical and mental fitness, it is a social sport that has been one of the permitted forms of social interaction over the last couple of years. This has made it an attractive pastime for many people who may have never even considered the sport, suggesting that golf will no longer be the stereotype of older males and will be a more inclusive sport to be enjoyed by all.

Golf Beyond the Course

Interactive golf experiences are popping up throughout Asia and Europe, and there is a global expansion planned in the coming years. Almost certain to help the game of golf grow and attract a whole new audience, these interactive experiences aim to create a more social experience for entertainment purposes, and feature drinks, food and a party-like atmosphere. The use of virtual trainers, for both entertainment and training purposes, is also predicated to grow.

In 2022 and beyond, we are going to see the increasing blend of traditional golf with technology and entertainment, making the future of golf something to really be excited about!

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