MGI Zip Navigator Electric Golf Cart

MGI Zip Navigator Electric Golf Cart

How Far Do You Really Walk During 18 Holes of Golf?

Have you ever wondered why you're so tired after a round of golf? It’s a common misconception by those who have never played a round, that the game of golf is a simple leisurely walk where you hit a little white ball a long way! Many people can't quite comprehend any physical aspects required to complete a round of golf and astonishingly, some people even question whether golf is even a sport. However, social golfing enthusiasts and professionals alike understand that golf is actually a demanding sport that requires a high level of physical fitness in order to excel. You might be surprised to find out how far you actually need to walk to complete 18 holes of golf – read on to find out. 


Before the Round Begins

Even before you get to the first tee, you begin the walk from your car to the clubhouse. Depending on the time you play and the course, this walk itself can be quite a distance. You then meander within the pro-shop, possibly onto the practice range and then to the putting green where you take your practice putts. This entire process has been known to total up to half a mile of walking.


During Your Round

This is where the real walking begins. Most courses are approximately 3 miles from first tee to the last green, with many courses even longer. You will walk around 3 miles if you hit your ball dead straight every time, however, most of us deviate many times along the way! As you start to move away from the direct line from the tee to green your walk instantly becomes longer.


There are many additional distances on each hole that you will cover, these include things like:


  • 18 return trips to and from the green. Walking around the greens to assess the putts you have, and also walking up to take each putt.
  • Walking from the cart to your ball to play your shot and back again.
  • Addressing your ball prior to playing it.
  • If you hit a ball in the rough, walking around looking for it.
  • If you hit a ball in a bunker, walking into the bunker, playing the shot, then raking the bunker.
  • Helping to find lost balls of your playing partners.

  It really all adds up!

 The Total Distance Covered in a Day of Golf

The average golfer rarely walks down the middle of the fairway, so they may cover an astounding 5-6 miles per round. A low handicap golfer who tends to hit the ball straighter and doesn’t deviate off the fairway as much tends cover around 4-5 miles per round. Combine this with the fact that most golf courses aren’t entirely flat, a round of golf can burn around 1,000 calories or more. So, it is no wonder many golfers are so tired after 18 holes.

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