Another 5 Reasons Why You Should Play Golf

Another 5 Reasons Why You Should Play Golf

Well, we did our best with our first 5 reasons you should be playing golf, and hopefully you have started to pick up a club and go for a couple social rounds at your local public course, or at least the driving range to practise getting that little white ball off the ground. But for those really looking to dive deep into the sport of golf, here is ANOTHER 5 reasons why you should be playing golf and making it your new hobby:

  1. Attire

The game of golf is historically one of class, promoting formal attire worn both within the clubhouse and out on the course. Although the strictness of golf has changed through the years, there is still a large assortment of brands from Nike to Cobra Puma and Lacoste promoting a large wardrobe of stylish clothing options ranging from Polo Shirts to ¼ Zip Performance tops, detailed golf shoes and arguably the most comfortable pants in the world. Getting into golf can not only help your body physically but alter how you and your wardrobe will be looking for years to come.

  1. Scheduling

For the non-golfer the idea of waking up prior to the sun rising may seem like a feature of the top 5 worst reasons to play golf, however it is an indescribable feeling to conquer the day early but having your tee time paired with the early sunrise. Golf as a hobby allows for an extensive level of physical exertion to be achieved prior to the working day, ensuring you are better scheduled with your duties after the 9 to 5 day and providing the opportunity for an earlier night’s rest. As they say, the early bird gets the worm!

  1. Memberships at clubs

Once you build your confidence within the sport of golf and continue to commit to a few tee times, you might be interested in investing in a membership at a local golf course to save money across rounds and commit to a local course to continue to develop your game. But there are a multitude of benefits to come with gaining a membership to a local golf course. These include special events hosted by the club, such as raffles, donation events, awards nights, member exclusive tournaments and even extensive facilities such as gyms, practise ranges and more. Also, with the club dining restaurant and/or café attached you have the convenience of staying local for your post-match lunch or afternoon beverage, where you may continue to develop your contact list with other members, in turn helping you in other forms of life outside the course.

  1. Personal Challenge

Joining a golf course can also bring in another addition to your golf game, an official handicap to keep track of your performance. Your golf handicap represents the average score above par you are expected to achieve when playing a round of golf. By continuing to improve you will continue to lower your handicap to eventually becoming ‘scratch’, coming off a handicap of 0. This long-term goal allows for continued development and discipline in the sport, increasing the longevity of the hobby and desire to play.

  1. Hobby Fulfilment

Speaking of hobbies, golf can become a fulfilling hobby not only through playing but by collecting new gear to increase the performance of your game. With a wide range of brands with the latest and greatest in technology for clubs as well as specialised equipment such as laser rangefinders from Sureshot or electric golf caddies from MGI Golf, continuing to invest in the game of golf will help you reap the benefits out on the course. There is no better electric golf caddy on the market than the MGI Zip Navigator, which will easily extend your playing career and keep you feeling free and focused out on the course thanks to the full directional remote control and patented gyroscope straight tracker technology. Find out more on the MGI Zip Navigator electric golf caddy at

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