Ensure your wheels are on the correct side and they are locked into the drive position. If this is correct, your front wheel may need adjusting. Please refer to instructions below.

1. You will need around 20 meters of level ground to trim the motors on the Ai Navigator GPS+ caddy.
2. Connect the battery and have the Ai Navigator GPS+ stopped [without the golf bag].
3. Press and hold the speed control button for 3 seconds and the Ai Navigator GPS+ will automatically enter into the "motor trimming function"
4. Release the speed control button, the caddy will go forward automatically. After
5- 20 meters [the distance traveled will be different based on actual difference of the motor] the caddy will stop automatically.
5. Then check the straightness of the caddy using the top box speed control. The caddy should run straight, if not, repeat the above process.