Zip Series Caddy 3 Year Warranty Update

Zip Series Caddy 3 Year Warranty Update

MGI Zip Series Warranty Update

MGI Zip Series caddies now come with a 3 year warranty in mainland USA, effective on Zip Series caddies registered from July 1st 2021 onwards. 

Zip Series caddies & lithium batteries registered before July 1st 2021 are covered by a 2 year warranty.

Duration of this warranty is:

  • 3 years on Zip Series caddy parts
  • 3 years on Zip Series Lithium batteries
  • 2 years on Zip Series chargers
  • 1 year on Zip Series accessories

It is strongly recommended you register your model within 30 days of purchase. Proof of Purchase is required upon registration. This gives MGI a record of your purchase for servicing, support and warranty purposes, streamlining any communication with our Customer Service & Support teams.

For full warranty conditions visit our warranty page.

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