What Golf Clubs Should I Invest In?

What Golf Clubs Should I Invest In?

So, you have started your journey to become the ultimate non-professional golfer and feel good enough to improve your arsenal of clubs.

Before you go ahead and spend all your money on a completely customized set of clubs, it is important to go club by club to know where you should invest your money first and ultimately fill the holes in your game.

Here is our top five list of the best golf clubs to invest in:

5 - Irons

Coming in at number five are the golf clubs that will fill up most of your bag, the irons. Commonly a set of irons features six clubs ranging from 4 to 9. These golf clubs often form your first basic set. Still, if you start your collection with second-hand golf clubs, you may struggle on the course for multiple reasons and start noticing a lack of consistency in your shots due to the various designs and ages of the assortment of used clubs.

Older or cheaper irons will tend to feel harder to hit or provide fewer positive results on the green. As a result, you may wish to hold off investing in your irons until you can buy a new set, or at least fill your set one by one, as irons can become the most expensive investment for your game.

4 - Wedges

Having the right wedge could be the key to unlocking your short game, as this club can be a savior on the golf course! Knowing the appropriate number of wedges for your set of golf clubs usually impacts the quality of your game, as golfers who want to increase the variety of their wedges with multiple degrees of loft may tend to sacrifice quality for the brand or age of the club.

The most common wedges since the early days of golf are:

  • The Pitching Wedge (PW): The lowest-lofted wedge, normally featured with a set of irons, is ideal for approaching chips towards the green.
  • The Sand Wedge (SW): Designed specifically to support the golfer in hitting shots successfully out of a sand bunker.

In most circumstances, golfers are looking to specialize and fill the gaps in their games and may carry up to four wedges. Today’s golfers could increase their collection with a Gap Wedge, which fills the gap regarding loft, having more than a PW and less than a SW. A Lob Wedge is another great option, which has the highest loft a golf club can carry, with an average of 60 degrees.

3 - Putters

Coming in at number three is the golf club that often impacts the mental game of golf the most — the putter. Having the right putter could be the difference between a good day and a bad day out on the course. Since you will likely be using this golf club the most across your round, it is important to invest in a putter with features that help you feel comfortable and reassured, whether it’s the best grip or the right blade, such as a full mallet.

For the beginner golfer, you could save a lot of shots by picking up a putter that is perfectly customized to your swing and needs.

2 – Driver

The driver can be your best friend or worst adversary on the golf course. The benefit to your performance from investing in a higher-priced driver is significant compared to budget options because drivers are one of the most relied upon clubs in your bag. When shopping for a new driver, it is important to understand what materials make up the head of the driver, often referred to as Woods. These are mainly constructed out of composite or titanium. Knowing what shaft length feels most comfortable for your swing is also important. Sizes range these days from 43” to 45” before any customization, which could see even larger shafts.

1 – MGI Zip Navigator

The best piece of golf equipment to invest in and help improve your game isn’t a golf club at all! It’s an MGI Zip Navigator electric golf caddy. With twin 230w powered motors, a swiveling front wheel, all-terrain tread rear wheels, and a full directional remote control, the MGI Zip Navigator will power you to the hole and take strokes off your game as no golf club could! 

Patented gyroscope straight tracker technology and downhill speed control showcase the innovation of this flagship member of the Zip Series electric golf caddies from MGI Golf. 

For more information on the best golf investment you can make to improve your game, visit mgigolf.com for everything you need to know about the MGI Zip Navigator remote control golf cart.

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