Golf Energy: The benefits of walking with an Electric Golf Caddy

Golf Energy: The benefits of walking with an Electric Golf Caddy

In these unprecedented times, golf has become the perfect sport to allow even the casual enthusiast the ability to maintain physical fitness, social interaction and encourages escaping to the outdoors, all while keeping social distanced, one stroke at a time.

Previously seen with barriers for entry, the increased desire to participate in a sport previously considered for an older male demographic has opened as a desirable opportunity to catch up with friends, train the skilled and disciplined mind, all while enjoying the sunshine.

How you choose to venture over the 18 holes may vary, from walking and carrying a bag to driving a ride-on golf cart, but all will provide a difference to your game, no matter the method. Before you book in your next round at the local Links, it is important for you to know how you use your Golf Energy, through a helpful comparison.

A recent study recently completed a study detailing the physical benefits that can be obtained through four alternative methods of navigating the course. These included:

  1. Carrying a bag
  2. Pushing a push cart
  3. Using an electric golf caddy
  4. Driving a golf cart

8 male volunteers aged between 26 to 61, with handicaps ranging from 2 to 17 all participated in an experiment whilst playing several 9-hole rounds.

With participants selecting separate methods, the study was able to find that the average golfer over a 9-hole round will burn:

  1. Carrying a bag: 721 Calories 
  2. Pushing a push cart: 718 Calories
  3. Using an electric golf caddy: 613 Calories
  4. Driving a golf cart: 411 Calories

Unsurprisingly, the casual golfer will burn at least 202 more calories walking instead of driving a golf cart over a 9-hole round. However, it is data recorded within the methods involving walking the course that provide the most significant details for energy expenditure during a game of golf.

It is safe to say that although the convenience of a golf cart seems beneficial, the physical benefits of walking paired with the correct choice of equipment should give even the casual golfer the upper advantage.

The study found that during competition, a spike in scoring was recorded in correlation to the peak heart rates of those carrying and pushing their carts over two taxing, uphill holes at Inverness Golf Club. The study attributed this to lactic acid build up which could be easily avoided with the right equipment for the walking golfer.

That is why we recommend utilising an MGI Electric Golf Caddy for your next round of golf. Tailored to all levels of experience within the game of golf, an electric cart from MGI will give you the upper hand by decreasing unnecessary energy expenditure often used to carry or push your clubs around the course whilst also providing the health benefits of walking the course and enjoying the sunshine. 

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