Get into Golf with an MGI Electric golf cart

Get into Golf with an MGI Electric golf cart

Golf can seem complex to the inexperienced player. There are a lot of rules, guidelines and so many different kinds of clubs. And then there's the language: birdies, eagles, bogeys etc. MGI understands the language we speak every day can scare prospective golfers off before they ever pick up a club. But the list of benefits of getting involved in the beautiful game of golf is in our opinion, near endless.

MGI Electric golf pull cart

Golf can be a very social and inclusive sport. But it can also be a solitary and peaceful experience if that’s what you prefer. While you compete against others at a club or competition, you can also compete against the course alone, or even better against yourself.

Whatever your reason or desire for getting into golf is, MGI has you covered. Our series of Electric golf pull carts ranges for the introductory Zip X1 model with a lightweight frame and straightforward handle operation to our flagship model in the Zip Navigator, a fully remote-controlled electric caddie with a patented gyroscope technology hidden inside the twin motors to ensure the caddie follows the course you set it on, up to 150m away!

The best way to get started at golf is to take at least 2-3 lessons to acquire the fundamental skills before hitting the course. Alternatively, you could gather a group of friends, hire some clubs and make your way to the local driving range to practise your craft. As you improve, the clubs, clothes bag and shoes will too. All of these can affect the way you play, so make sure you do your research, get fitted for clubs and wear comfortable sporting attire.

Then there is the key question; walk or ride? If you want to walk, then walk! Unless you’re playing a cart-only course where the greens are miles away from the next tee box, then there shouldn’t be any issue. The benefits of walking on the golf course are immense. From physical activity improving your health and fitness to bonding with friends, or even strangers as you perfect your swing.

As long as you are maintaining the pace of play, and in our experience, a conscientious walker with an MGI Electric golf pull cart is just as fast as a cart, then you’re laughing. You will reap the health benefits of walking up to 6-8 miles depending on your course without the risk of exhaustion or injury from carrying or pushing your clubs. 

MGI Electric golf pull cart aren’t just for older demographics either, the benefits of kids and adults learning golf while maintaining a level of energy and focus is imperative to improving. Golf can take up to 5 hours for a round, and you want to be focused for every shot that you hit.

Having an electric cart do the heavy lifting, leaves you to enjoy walking the course and focusing on your next shot, not catching your breath after climbing that last hill.

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