Zip Series Carry Capacity
Zip Series caddies have a carry capacity of 45lbs. It is advised you do not exceed the carry capacity as it may damage your caddy.

Your lithium battery leads, casing and connections should be regularly inspected for damage and wear. 
If your leads or connections are in need of repair or replacement, please contact your local MGI repair centre for assistance immediately.

Under no circumstances should a Lithium Battery that has been dropped, damaged or immersed in water be connected to a buggy or charger. By doing so you may create a fire hazard or risk the battery catching fire. Please contact the MGI Service Centre to arrange a replacement.

My new buggy is running faster than my friends
You have most likely purchased our improved 2017 lithium battery and charger. Your new Lithium is more efficient providing more energy than previous models resulting in a faster and higher speed buggy.
Wet weather tips

MGI buggies are designed to be used in all conditions however a level of caution is required when operating your buggy in wet conditions.

When playing in wet conditions, we recommend carrying a hand towel to wipe away any excessive water from the top box.

Keep your buggy on the fairway and paths when possible and avoid boggy terrain and puddles.

MGI buggies are designed to be as resistant to wet conditions as possible however they are not waterproof.

Under no circumstances should you clean your buggy using a pressure washer or hose.

MGI recommends cleaning away excess debris with a brush and wiping the buggy down with a damp cloth.

Damage to the drive system and electronics due to water ingress is not a manufacturing defect and will not be covered under warranty.

If you experience an issue after playing in wet conditions, please make contact with your Proshop to organise inspection by an authorised MGI technician

How do I pair the remote to my buggy?
  1. Disconnect the battery from the buggy
  2. Hold down the Stop Button on the Remote until both the Lock and Unlock buttons are illuminated – then release the Stop Button.
  3. Reconnect the battery
  4. The Remote will synchronise with the Top Box – the process will be complete once the Lock and Unlock buttons are no longer illuminated

Please note, if you do not connect the Navigator, as per point 3, with a battery, the Remote will exit Pairing after one minute

Should I disengage my battery when not in use?
Do not leave the battery handle engaged when you stop playing as it will drain your battery.
How often should I service my buggy?
It is recommended to service your buggy every 12 months or every 500km to ensure optimal performance of your buggy.

Please see the Preventative Maintenance Program that can be found in your user manual.

Approved service centre locations can be found on the MGI website or by contacting us.
What is the weight of my buggy?

The weight of your buggy varies between models.

Zip Navigator: 28.6lbs
Zip X5: 25.9lbs
Zip X3: 24.8lbs
Zip X1: 22lbs

How often should I charge my remote battery?
We recommend recharging your remote battery when recharging your main battery.
Do I need to charge my main battery before its first use?
Yes. Charge your new battery for at least 8 hours or overnight before use. The battery charger light will turn to green indicating that the battery is fully charged.
How do I register my buggy?

Locate your serial number, click this link and follow the prompts to register.

Where do I find my serial number to register my buggy?
The serial number on your MGI Zip can be found in two locations on your buggy. At the base of the battery area and inside the top box storage compartment. It is 15 digits long and comprises of letters and numbers ie: AZXNV11xxxxxxxx
How to correctly install my accessories.