Simply Best In Class

Posted by Sean Darcy on 18th April, 2018 

I purchased (2) – MGI Zip Navigators on April 13, 2018. After spending a lot of time over the last year researching the various brands, speaking with several friends who own electric carts I finally made a decision.

My wife & I are members of a local CC located in the Sacramento area. Our course has some steep inclines but an otherwise walkable course. Part of our criteria was the need for a cup holder, an umbrella holder and something to secure an iPhone. The umbrella was to protect of the hot sun, the iPhone is where I use an app to enter scores, get yardages, etc. 

Most importantly was the overall quality of the product and the ingenious industrial design elements. In a side by side comparison with all other carts I’ve seen, the MGI clearly stands out above all others. It has proven to be very aesthetically pleasing and extremely user friendly. I would recommend this particular cart without hesitation. I simply could not be more impressed. 

Worth 2 handicap shots!

Posted by Gerry Phillips on March 9th, 2018 

I bought the Zip Navigator and what a great decision that was.

Now I walk from shot to ball and from shot to green while my remote control buggy heads over to the next tee.

It’s easy to use, copes with a couple of rounds between charges, is light and packs away easily, and looks good too.

The service from MGI is second to none, do that means peace of mind.

I reckon it’s worth 2 handicap shots!

It WILL change your game

Posted by Curtis Mackenzie on February 24th 2018 

I purchased a Zip Navigator a few weeks ago and it’s amazing! I have carried my golf bag up to this point as I hated having to pull a buggy but with the Zip its like having a professional caddy. Its saved me both time and energy and my HCP has dropped as a result of better scoring over the last 6 holes when I was starting to get a bit tired. If you make sure you pull the 4th wheel out and only send it places so that you can see the terrain it going over you will NEVER have a rollover. I promise it WILL change your game! AND its tiny in the boot of my car.

One Happy Customer

Posted by John Tolmie on 9th February, 2018 

I just received the “lug” in the mail and just have to say a big thank you.

I have now happily owned 2 MGI Nav buggies in a row and bought several accessories along the way to compliment them and it is fabulous to see really good customer service applied when I needed a small part that I was missing.

Well done! 

1 happy customer,
John Tolmie

Playing golf with a caddy

Posted by Bob Powell on April 18th, 2018 

My wife and I have used MGI remote controlled carts for over ten years. It is like playing golf with a caddy. My latest edition is the MGI ZIP Navigator, which is by far the best remote controlled cart on the market. Try one and you will buy one.

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